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Add- on Pet Styling Services

Let us help you customize your pet’s pampering day at Meyer’s. We offer a variety of treatments, from ultimate spa days to blueberry facials, pawdicures and nail filing, to massages and anal gland expressions with your pet’s favorite stylist. We also provide soothing music and aromatherapy to help your favorite furry friend enjoy their appointment with us. Our list of current services are as follows:

Ultimate Spa Treatment

teeth, facial, filing, pawdicure & signature spa       $25

Signature Spa

Blueberry Facial, Bubble bath, Moisturizer, Massage and Cologne   $9

Indulging Spa

Five different options to meet your pets needs! Our indulging spa package includes your choice of scent, a 15 minute massage and a spa cookie. $ 8
Arctic Bright: brightening shampoo and pacific Breeze cologne. Good for dry skin/coat & brightens all coat colors.
Tutti Fruiti: Moisturizing shampoo and jelly Bean cologne. Good for dry skin/coat, extra moisturizing.
Oatmeal Smoothie: Oatmeal shampoo, conditioner, conditioning spray, and*optional cologne- Milk & Honey.
Exfoliates and calms inflamation, good for irritated skin, but not for pets with grain allergies.
Aussie Calm: Tea Tree shampoo/conditioning spray, *optional cologne Apricot Chamomile. Good for calming irritated skin, great for hot spots, and a natural pest repellent.

Blueberry Facial:

Exfoliate your pet’s face with the antioxidants of blueberries. Helps brighten too. Good for whitening eye and mouth discoloration and deodorizes smelly faces. Warm washcloths are used in the process and it is very relaxing for your pet. $5.50

Furminator Treatment

Is your pet leaving hair all over your house? The shampoo, conditioning treatment and use of special tools to remove loose undercoat aids in bringing oxygen back to the skin too. $20 – $35 depending on size and amount of shedding

DE Skunking/ Deordorizing

Has your pet been skunked? No matter what you do, do not wet them first or you will spread the oils. Give us a call and we will help your nose return to normal! This service is also good for those that like to roll in goose and rabbit poo. $34


This treatment starts off with a deep cleansing Tea Tree Oil fizzy foot soak to fight yeast, fungus, bacteria and germs. It is followed up by a Tuscan Grape seed Oil Paw Revitalizing massage. The oil is infused with vitamins A,B,B5,D and E to replenish moisture into dry and cracked pads. $5

Nail Filing

If your dog’s nails scratching you or your wood floors, this is the service to request. When we file the nails you get a significantly smoother edge to your dog’s nails and it will also help the quick receded so that we can keep your dog’s nails short which aids in maintaining the structure of the foot and arthritis prevention. $19.50


Dental health is very important to overall health and wellness of your pet. We even use chicken flavored toothpaste designed for dogs. $ 6.50

Anal Glands:

Anal glands are normally expressed when your dog has a bowel movement. Signs your dog’s anal glands are full and need manual external expressing are excessive licking of their behind or scooting. When the glands become full and a pet has a difficult time expressing them themselves, we are here to help. We will check them, express them and let you know if we see anything abnormal that would need a follow up visit to your veterinarian $10.50

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