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Style, Groom and Pamper

At Meyer’s, we’re known for our expert grooming and styling services and indulgent pampering touch. By combining skill with artistry, we will bring out the best in your favorite four-legged friend.

Looking Good AND Feeling Great!

In addition, you will be happy to know that the first priority in the grooming process at Meyer’s is for each pet to have a good experience. We make it a point to provide your pet with a brief break between each step in grooming and styling. This makes the experience much less stressful for your pet and more enjoyable overall. It may take us a bit longer this way, but your pet will be much happier.

We Do It All…

Every full grooming includes:

  • relaxing bath
  • blow dry
  • brush and combing
  • nail trim and maintenance
  • pad trim and inspection
  • ear cleaning
  • coat styling
  • 5-minute massage
  • cologne

…And Then Some!

In addition you can add any of the following special services:

  • therapeutic spa packages, which include a 15-minute massage, gourmet treat, and your choice of spa shampoo and cologne
  • nail grinding
  • tooth brushing
  • flea treatment and prevention
  • de-skunking treatment
  • furminator treatment

For a complete menu of our services, click here.

The Bottom Line

Every pet is unique; size, coat length and coat condition will determine time and cost. Phone the location nearest you for an estimate.

It’s in the Details

Regular grooming enhances your pet’s health and comfort as well as his/her appearance. We keep careful records on each pet we groom in order to meet your expectations every time. And while only the very best care professionals work for Meyer’s, each stylist has his or her own approach, so we all understand if you have a preference: always feel free to ask for a different stylist or request your favorite.

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